2020 What a start to the year

Bella enjoying a groom in the sunshine

The year didn't start off well when I had a freak accident and ended up losing my little toe. All I could think about was can Howard cope whilst I'm in hospital and cripes I am going to miss Crufts. Then of course when I left hospital mid way through February, Covid 19 was starting to strike in Europe and we knew it would not be long before the UK was hit, and oh boy did it hit us hard.

By the end of April I was still on crutches and trying to build my strength up . The dogs knew something was wrong, so were great with me. I felt sorry for Harrison and Travis who had both been promised girlfriends, but with isolation in place, the girls would have to wait.

It meant the dogs were getting lots of brushing and training had to commence again soon as they would start messing me around if I was not careful. We did one on one with a little ring craft, (although I could not walk properly let alone run), but its not quite the same without others there to help.

Into May and June and my foot was improving little by little but I still had to be careful. We were blessed with the weather which turned out to be one of the hottest Springs on record. Buffy got a short hair cut as the groomers were obviously closed still due to covid, but we managed.

Unsure at the moment what the rest of the year will bring. The dogs love that we are both at home but are desperate for a proper walk which we hope to do soon by going to the beach for a change. We are still waiting for Kentra to come into season which should be soon and Harrison hopefully will be a good boy and produce a lovely litter with her..

So... a different sort of post on here. We hope you are staying safe and washing those hand and doing what you can in a bid to rid this country of this awful virus....

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