Debbeacol have had 7 litters of puppies now all whom have gone onto lovely homes. They even come back for their holidays now and then which is great for me and of course their owners who would prefer not to put their dogs into a kennel.

Elsa had her latest litter of 3 boys and a girl who were born on the 15th August 2013. Two went to previous puppy owners of mine and another to a recommended home. It also started a new era at Debbeacol as we decided for the first time to keep one of the boys - Travis.  And in 2018 Travis sired his own litter of 10


Hannah had a beautiful litter of 2 boys and a girl. Ollie, Flint and Sasha. They were born on the 1st |May 2015 and both boys have gone to lovely homes. Sasha has decided to stay with us and starts her journey in the show arena on Nov 1st.

Sasha has now been joined by Harrison whos dad is Lincoln following a litter of 8 boys born out of Hannah on the 10th September  2016, Read more on his page.

In November 2018 Hannah had her final litter and we kept a girl called Bella

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