My Beardies 

Having had beardies since I was 9 years old it wasnt a hard decision to decide what family pet I would like to share our house with.


This particular picture was taken in the summer of 2011 and from left to right we have Elsa 4yrs, her daughter Hannah 5 months, her gran Tara 9yrs and Gemma 6yrs


The group picture below was taken in September 2013 and Elsa's 2nd litter are in my arms . The puppy on the far right is Travis, the boy we have kept which is the start of an new era at Debbeacol.

Ive now added a few more pictures of my beardie family. Travis has now been joined by Sasha and Harrison, Hannah being their mum. We also now have Buffy, a Romanian rescue and we have moved to our dream home in the North Yorkshire countryside near the White Horse at Kilburn, which has plenty of room for them all to play together.

In May 2018 Travis returned from Sweden bringing back with him one of his daughters. She was one of 10 he sired during his stay with Inger Dahl at the Highflying Kennel in Sweden.

We named her Kentra and she is a great addition to our family.


Debbeacol Beardies
Debbeacol Bearded Collies