Tara - Celestial Star At Debbeacol

Sylvabrae Prime Choice x Sylvabrae Celestial Finale

Tara was born in July 2002 and was such a joy to have around following the sudden death of my rescued collie x - Winnie.


She settled in with my other rescued collie Holly, and immediately became part of the family. The two of them got on so well they taught each other how to get into mischief and where one went the other followed.


Tara went to socialisation classes (meet and greet) and was a hit with the other dogs that went there. She was such a happy puppy and learnt how to get around people by giving them a friendly paw.

Around the age of 6 months I took her to ring craft, and although she did have the qualities to enter the show ring, her enthusiasm and bouncy nature used to get the better of her, so we decided that perhaps agility would be more suited to Tara.


However.... Tara had her own way of doing things, and thought agility was a huge game and something she "bounced" into with lots of energy.  She did make me and others laugh, but when she started running off with parts of the agility course we decided that perhaps we should leave it to the professionals.


In 2007 we decided to try and have some puppies from Tara and she produced a wonderful litter of 8 babies (2 boys, 6 girls) We kept a girl and named her Elsa - Debbeacol Pride And Joy


Tara was a great mum and took to it like a duck to water so a couple of years later we had another litter of 7 puppies all of whom went to great homes. We still see some of them on a regular basis as some live not far away so we meet up for walks and others come for their holidays.


I think Tara must know they are hers as she greets them all and it doesn't take long before she is running around with them playing with a toy.

Tara has a fantastic nature and temperament and this reflects in the puppies she has produced and something she has passed onto Elsa.

November 25th 2018

Quite peacefully and at home with us by her side Tara Tots passed away. She has left a huge hole in my heart but she lives on in her children grand children and great grandchildren. Tara was 16.5years old and has left a wonderful legacy. Her wagging tail right to the end  is one of the many memories I will keep with me forever. Run free my darling, until we meet again.xxx