Kentra - Highflying Sexy Dancer at Debbeacol

Well, what can i tell you about Kentra....She was a little girl I was not expecting to get.  After Hannah did not become pregnant I flew over to Sweden where my Travis was on holiday meeting swedish ladies and had sired a litter of 10 babies one of whom was Kentra. I picked her out more or less straight away and she came back to England with her dad in May 2018. She joined our family and settled in right from the start following her dad around learning the rules of the house.

It wasnt long before she hit the show arena which turned out to be one of our local Championship shows at Leeds. She came 2nd in both Minor puppy and Puppy receiving excellent critiques. She is a bundle of fun, gets up to lots of mischief and is a cheeky slipper stealing minx,  but  i must thank Inger Dahl from the Highflying Kennel for allowing her to travel home with Travis where I hope she will enjoy her life with us all here at Debbeacol

Kentra has recently been going to Agility with a friend of mine called Annette Fishburn who loves beardies, and to be honest prefers it to the show arena I think. She is so quick and you can see the enjoyment on her face as well as that of Annettes.

In March 2019 I went to Crufts and in front of my breeder Inger Dahl I gained a 2nd place in my junior class which I was so proud of.

Today I prefer the agility arena and with my Aunty Annette we have started to train locally which I love. So watch this space.

Also this year I may become a mummy but time will tellx