Tara's 1st litter - 8 puppies 6 girls 2 boys

Tara had her first litter when she was nearly 5 and the Sire used was Sylvabrae Moonstruck for Paleeda - Bailey who was from Leyburn in North Yorkshire.

She produced 8 puppies and was a very good mum. It was hard work but I enjoyed every minute and I am sure Tara did too.

We decided to keep a girl and named her Elsa - Debbeacol Pride And Joy

All the other boys and girls went to lovely homes some of which still come back for their holidays today.

Taras 2nd litter a couple of years later produced 7 puppies. One of the girls called Debbeacol Making Mischief at Sylvabrae, Ellie, went to a local home and has done quite well in the show ring.

Tara I am sure would have liked to have had another litter but is quite happy helping her daughter out with maternal duties and will probably do so again when her grandaughter, Hannah ,has her first litter.