Harrison - Debbeacol Rhythm Is A Dancer JW



May I introduce myself, I am Harrison, my mum is Hannah and I joined Debbeacol on the 10th September 2016 along with my 7 other brothers. My mummy Debs decided to keep me and I hope to do well like my mum and grandma Elsa in the show ring.. I was 6 months in March so take a look for my results and my new adventures with my lovely family and friends.

UPDATE :I have been having the year off since my success in the show ring allowing my puppy coat to grow out but my adult coat seems to be taking its own good time to come so apart from crufts 2019 where I gained a 2nd place in my class ive only been to a couple of open shows which I have hugely enjoyed. I am looking forward to meeting a couple of lady Beardies this year to hopefully produce some puppies.

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