Travis arrives home with his daughter Kentra

Having spent the last 9 months over in Sweden with Inger Dahl, Travis has come home. But he did not travel alone. He brought with him a suprise, a beautiful daughter who we named Kentra, aka High flying Sexy Dancer At Debbeacol.

She was chosen from the litter of 10 by myself when i had gone over just after Crufts to see the puppies, but I didnt dare think it would happen until she arrived into the UK. She was brought into the country by Sue Jones who has set up her own pet transport company, having met Inger in Calais who had made the journey from Sweden.

Many thanks go to Sue for getting both Travis and Kentra here safely and a special thanks to Inger who took such good care of Travis whilst he spent time with her and for allowing him to come back with one of his daughters. We hope that Kentra will settle in well and she will venture into the show ring when the time is right.

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