August Glory

After winning yet another Stakes class at Leeds Championship show, Elsa was rested for a few weeks and enjoyed some fun time with her grandaughter Sasha and her own daughter Hannah. We started back out on the road again for the Welsh Kennel Club show towards the end of August where under judge Steve Hall she won not only her Vet class but came out with the Res Bitch CC, Best Vet in Breed and got placed in the stakes.Unfortunatley we could not stay for the group due to the distance from home and the threatening welsh weather. What a girl she is..

We then went off to Scotland for SKC champ show, and bang my sweet girl did it again under judge John Walsh. First in her Vet class and Res Bitch CC and a first in the stakes class. Elsa was run by my good friend Sarah Ritchie who stood in for Heather Fielder who had run Elsa to victory in Wales.


I loved this bitch and when she gaited around the ring it was sheer delight to watch, she truly is a pride and joy. She had the correct ratios that were near perfect for me with lovely ribbing, good head balance with a feminine expression but to be critical I would like her a little stronger in foreface, after saying that I would have taken her home, presented in good order.(S.Hall)

Below are just a couple of pics we have had along the journey this year

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