It only gets better for Debbeacol Beardies

At 9 years old Elsa has achieved so much already so after last months triumphs we travelled to Birmingham Ch Show with no expections at all.

It was a damp start to the day and under well respected judge Barry Croft we gathered around the ring waiting for our turn to show under him.

Elsa went first and won her veteran class and went straight back in for the challenge for best veteran in breed and won it. It had started to rain quite hard by then and the ring was staring to get quite wet.

Sasha went in next and with another 9 entries we were pleased to be awarded best junion in breed and gained another 3 points towards her J.W.

Having then qualified 2 for the bitch challenge my friend offered to take Elsa in whilst i took in Sasha. The ring now was very wet but Elsa took it in her stride and went around the ring like a 2yr old. Sasha went well too but it was Elsa who was awarded the RCC making it her 7th one in total 5 being awarded to her from veteran classes... what a star.

She then went off to the Veteran group and was awarded group 3 by all round judge Robin newhouse.. what a day

Elsa and me in the Group at Birmingham with the judge who got us there Barry Croft looking on in the background. We did him proud i'm sure

Group 3 how fantastic is that!!

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