Elsa & Sasha keep pace with each other but Grandma just pips her gran daughter.

Scotland again later in the month saw Sasha go up into Junior and she gained a repectable 4th place in a large class, but also entered the Junior stakes class under judge Fran Kaye who gave her a 3rd placing in a huge pastoral junior class.

Elsa, not wanting to be outdone won her veteran class, was awarded best veteran in breed and showed her socks off to gain her 6th RCC under respected breed judge Chris Burscough.

Travis also had a trip out gaining a 1st in 2 classes at Both Bath and Southern Counties so earning a right to compete in Crufts 2017... Well done Travis.7


Travis shown by friend Karen Edwards. Roxilyn

Sasha getting the once over by Lynn Salt

Elsa taking another 1st placing

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