Elsa's 1st litter - 5 girls, 2 boys

Elsa had her first puppies when she was 4 and produced a wonderful litter of 5 girls and 2 boys.

We used a Sire called Alistairs Kaiser Chief for Kiltondale - "Jaxson"- who was brought over from Sweden by Linda Peirson - (Kiltondale Bearded Collies). He complimented Elsa very well, had a good temperament and was everything I like and look for in a "Beardie". Elsa produced a beautiful litter of 7 puppies and took to motherhood like a duck to water.We kept girl who stood out in the litter straight away and named her Hannah - Debbeacol Harmony In Motion

Elsa's 2nd litter - 3 boys, 1 girl

After much deliberation and homework, which included a trip to Sweden with friends, a sire was found for Elsa in the UK.

"Wesley" - Coalacre Cruisin To Snikkles, owned by Graham Atkins (Snikkles) and bred by Lesley Tomlinson - (Coalacre)  was the one for Elsa.He is from the Coalacre line which is a "type" I like and which appears in my pedigree.These days I know how important it is to tryand pick a line that is free from any health issues, have good temperaments, as well as having a low COI (Coefficient Of Inbreeding). It pays to do your homework first!

Wesleys temperament was excellent along with his health and again complimented Elsa. To top it all his progeny that he had produced in the past were also healthy, some even doing well in the show ring which although isn't the first thing you look for, is always a bonus.

After a good mating Elsa produced a lovely litter of 4 puppies. On this occasion we could not take our eyes off one of the boys in the litter and so a new era began in the Debbeacol household.

Travis - Debbeacol Born To Boogie - our first ever "boy beardie" joined our family and we are looking forward to him spending a happy life with us all.

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